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FCA's team reflects the creative, practical and aesthetic responsibilities of landscape architecture. The functional requirements of our creative work are dictated by existing site conditions in accordance with the needs of the client, and by reinforcing the architectural character of the product and the project’s surroundings. We strive to create designs which are aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, safe and comfortable for the user, and most importantly, economically feasible for our clients. Good management and design freedom allows for well-thought out, tightly coordinated ideas and creative solutions. Strengthened by the firm’s years of technical and practical experience, each job receives the close attention required to develop memorable environments. FCA uses the latest technologies for creation and documentation of every design, from presentation quality graphics to state-of-the-art drafting and modeling software. Our design process and management of these tools helps resolve conflicts during the design process, ensuring close coordination with other disciplines, and ultimately providing a better, efficient and effective solution for our clients.


Complete design services include, but are not limited to, landscape and irrigation designs, exterior hardscape amenities, pools, grading plans, site lighting, construction management services, and the design of on-site signage systems. These design services are communicated to the clients through presentation techniques, high quality renderings, and computer modeling.


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